1. I should ink my skin with your name..

    Basically this is an Ed Sheeran one shot. I’m deeply in love with Wake me up, so I decided to write an imagine where you inspire Ed. Well, there’s more. But you will only find out by reading it. So, enjoy :)

    I was on the couch watching Shrek. I loved that movie, it was definitely my favorite one. That afternoon I didn’t have to work so I had decided to spend it at home just chilling. Ed wouldn’t have been here in another hour. He was at the studio recording some new tracks. It was 7 o’clock so I stood up and went into the kitchen to make dinner. That was when I heard the door opening. “Hey, love!” he waved at me with a smile. “Hey, dinner’s almost ready” “Alright..I’m gonna have a shower then” He kissed me gently on a cheek and then walked in the bathroom. I loved him so much. He was everything I wanted and needed. We’ve been together for 2 years. The best years of my whole life. “You know what? I’ve decided to get a new tattoo” he said while eating. “Wow..can I come with you? Maybe I should get one as well..” “You serious?” he said scanning my face “Yeah..why?” “Nothing..maybe we should get matching tattoos..” he replied “..but then your parents would definitely hate me” he joked. My parents didn’t like him very much. I didn’t know why. Maybe because whenever he went on tour I crawled back to them. I didn’t like being at home without having him around. “They don’t hate you, Ed” “Well, when I shake hands with your father he almost barks at me..like woof woof” he said getting closer and closer to me. He put his lips onto mine moving the table away. I started laughing when he stood up carrying me bridal style to our bedroom. Let’s say we enjoyed the night. “What should we get then?” he asked me his mouth resting on my forehead. “Mmmh..I don’t know..something that reminds us of all the time we spent together..” You mean something of our love?” Oh my Gosh. He was being so romantic that night! I was quite sure I wans’t going to forget it. “Why do you always have to be so..” “So what?” “So poetic, lovable, amazing..” I said raising my head to face his. He laughed at me kissing me gently. “I love you, *y\n*” “I love you too”. “I have an idea” “Do you? What is it?” I asked interested “We should tattoo not our name but our first letter..you’ll get an ‘E’ and I’ll get *y\n\f\l*” I thought about it for a while. “Yeah..I like it” I smiled at him. “Perfect! God, I’m so excited” he said sinking his face into my hair. He was holding me as tight as possible. I couldn’t breathe. “E-e-ed, love..just not that much” “I’m sorry” he chuckled. “Thank you” I said once he had let me go. “Now let’s sleep” he replied. I closed my eyes and fel immediately asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night. I turned to Ed’s part of the bed but he wasn’t there. I stood up and went in the living room. He was playing his guitar. I hid myself behind the door as I listened to him. “I should ink my skin with your name and take my passport out again, just replace it..see I could do without a t-“ I cut him off falling against the door. “Oh, I’m sorry..” I apologized. “No, I am sorry..did I wake you up?” “No, no I just needed some water and..what?” I said raising an eyebrow. He was looking at me straight in the eyes smiling. “Come here, love. I want you to hear something..” I sit on the couch next to him as he started playing that brand new song again.

    See I could do without a tan on my left hand, where my fourth finger meets my knuckle and I should run you a hot bath fill it up with bubbles..’Cause maybe you’re loveable and maybe you’re my snowflake and your eyes turn from green to gray, in the winter I’ll hold you in a cold place and you should never cut your hair ‘cause I love the way you flick it off your shoulder..And you will never know just how beautiful you are to me, but maybe I’m just in love when you wake me up” It took me time to process what he was saying. “Then?” “What?” “Would you marry me?” “Oh my gosh! Yes! I’d love to..” I was almost crying. He put his guitar on the floor and embraced me kissing me deeply. “I-I-I love you” I sobbed. God, I was so damn happy! I was going to spend all my life with him. “I love you too” he whispered in my hear. Next morning we got out tattoos as we had planned. Then we drove to my family’s house. When we told my parents we were going to get married my mom started crying and my father just hugged Ed. I was so proud of them. I knew they didn’t lilke him that much but at least they showed us their support. In the end I had my happily ever after.



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